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'Wintry mix' could emerge Tuesday as weather forces conspire

No major snow accumulation is expected, but roads and sidewalks could be tricky

This certainly isn't very sweet, considering Valentine's Day is on the horizon: Northern Virginia could get hit with the dreaded "wintry mix" on Tuesday morning [Feb. 13], as a wave of precipitation collides with temperatures that might be just low enough to cause some hazards.

"Expect slow travel during the morning commute," noted the GazetteLeader's weather partner, AccuWeather, which says that the precipitation (initially in the form of rain) will begin Monday night and continue into Tuesday.

No major accumulation is likely, as February continues to be just a little too warm for significant snowfall. But just one slick spot can ruin a driver's, jogger's or walker's day, so take it slow and steady Tuesday morning!