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Sustainability to be focus of 2024 Fairfax Earth Day festivities

Festival will be held April 20 at Sully Historic Site

Did you know that live events send 4 billion single-use cups to the landfill every year in the United States? This year the Park Authority, in partnership with r.World, will be working together to take a new step forward to reduce waste at our Earth Day Festival venue.

Combining efforts with the reusables experts at r.World, the Park Authority will distribute reusable cups and food containers to food and beverage vendors around the site to fill with their respective food items when orders are made. r.World cups and food containers are not “Earth Day giveaways” and they’re also not for sale. Just like cups at a restaurant, they should be returned to the appropriately marked reuse bins at designated waste stations throughout the event to be collected and reused.

Event visitors can pick up their reusable r.Cups and r.Wares at designated food and beverage distribution points, and when they’re done, return the cups and food containers to the clearly-marked reuse bins, not the trash cans or recycling bins. Following the event, the r.World team picks up the reusables, sanitizes them, repackages them and – presto! – they’re ready for the next event. r.World reusable items can be used hundreds of times, eliminating tons of waste from landfills.
“Earth Day has a long tradition of being a fun and exciting event for thousands of visitors each year,” said Park Authority Executive Director Jai Cole. “The year’s reuse effort is just another way we are looking to make this event impactful by reinforcing the idea that it’s the small choices we make on a daily basis that can have the biggest impact on the beauty and enjoyment we find in the world around us.”

Earth Day will also feature exhibits and activities focusing on a variety of sustainable practices, including encouraging guests to fill their reusable water bottles at the water bar, composting and recycling practices, and promoting native plants and practices for improving the health of our watershed.

The Earth Day Festival will be held Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Sully Historic Site located at 3650 Historic Sully Way in Centreville.

Admission is free; on-site event parking is $10 per vehicle. For more information, visit The Earth Day festival website.