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Oakton, Kent Gardens among week-one winners in summer swimming

Vienna Woods ties in its first meet, while Cardinal Hill wins big

In the opening week of action in Division 2 of the Northern Virginia Swimming League’s June 15 meets, the Oakton Otters defeated the Langley Wildthings, 222.5-197.5 and the McLean Marlins lost to Hunt Valley, 219-201.

For Oakton, Brady Schneider, Beau Souders, Laura Roth and Greg Brower were double race winners. The single winners were Colin Wolf, Mason Kaplan, Mark Schneider, Finn Bradley, Ethan Piccolo, Lilah Raithel, Aubrey Swanson, Madeleine Pfiffner, Chelsea McLenahan, Anna Roth, Audrey Hammond and Charlottet Lim.

Brady Schneider set a team record in the 8-under backstroke for Oakton with a time of 19.69 seconds. In 35.39, Roth set a team mark in the girls 13-15 breaststroke.

For Langley, double winners were John Alms, Bryce Eaton, Celina Feng, Shoshana Feng, Ella Mueller, Henry Rossman and Felix Yu. Single winners were Elliott Bendehan, Tessa Jones, Cameron Morris, Natasha Nesterova, Henry Singlton and Marigold Yu. 

Celina Feng set a team record in the girls 8-under freestyle in 17.38.

For McLean, double winners were Henry Weeks, Caroline Wager, Kate Shumate, Nathan Lee and Owen Zhou. Single winners were Andrew Gao, Janni Weeks, Sinclair Holguin, Jacob Bowes, Lauren Thomas, George Williams, Calista Link, Cayden Frantz, Christina Lee andOscar Zhou.

• The Kent Gardens Dolphins defeated the Hamlet Green Feet, 255-164, in NVSL Division 3 action June 15.

For Kent Gardens, double race winners were James Lex, Hadley Nguyen, Sloane Nguyen, Declan Nguyen, Leo Wu, Gloria Kuang, Nora Jia, Andy Li and Sophie Fredericks. The single winners were Lilia Buonforte, Sully Yoo, Libby Bamberger, Miles Bamberger, Brooks Bamberger, Emma Bui, James Wittman, Bryson Hylton and Aaron Jia. Kent Gardens also set five team records.

For Hamlet, double winners were Gretchen Steber and Kennedy Masten. Single winners were Alexander Steber, Clark Roth, Chloe Krumbholz, Erin Kass, Zaidan Ghazal, Matthew Mack, Avery Kuhn, Colin Kass, Cameron Kuhn and Bennett Steele.

• In NVSL Division 4 season-opening action, Vienna Woods tied Lee-Graham, 210-210, and the Vienna Aquatic Club Gators fell to Hiddenbrook, 226-194.

For Vienna Woods, double race winners were Cooper Morschauser, Kylie O’Brien, Flynn Skelton, Pierce Teufel, Logan Siegrist and Elliott Rowan. Single winners were Wells Peterson, Charlotte Pechulis, Jonah Manning, Graham Rowan, Kristen Womack, Ryan Johnson, Emmett Nguyen, Nathan Jurutka, Sophia Steiling and Hanna Cline.

For Vienna Aquatic Club, Michael Bagley, Corinne Bendza, Stella Mastroianni and Arden Szustakowski were double winners. Single winners were Celia Bredehoeft, Mila Brooks, Ethan Caldwell, Beckett Cummins, Robert Eachus, Charlie Genor, Skye Matanov, Sofia Murphy, Amar Oak and Annika Rieger.

• The Cardinal Hill Cardinals downed Virginia Run, 258-162, in a June 15 NVSL Division 5 meet. Kayden Chen, Megan Dean, Laila Haque, Oliver Jahshan, Ziva McHenry and Anika Patel were double winners. The single winners were Fiona Antoniuk, Sage Antoniuk, Reed Bailey, Eric Chen, Julia Lee, Max Ma, Patrick Manley, Hannah Pierson, Mishi Roper, Will Roper, Emmett Sanderson, Keenan Shora and Emma Watts.

• The Dunn Loring Dolphins lost to Springboard, 232-187, and the Hunter Mill Sharks fell to Fairfax, 232.5-186.5, in NVSL Division 6 meet June 15. Double race winners for the Dolphins were Chloe He, Emma He, Caleb Durr, Abby Gavino, Evie Kluttz, Hazel Gramlich and Lex Brucker. Single winners were Ryan Lichliter, Owen Koch, Penelope O’Hearn, Ben Brewer and Alessandra Falsone.

For Hunter Mill, Summer Padilla, Abigail Roth, Payton Sahin and Andrew Sartore were double race winners. Single winners were Owen Cobb, Beckett Candela, Hunter Guthrie, Adrienne Jenks, Claire Reiley, Elyse Rosade, Andrew Rose and Alexandra Samsot.

• In other NVSL June 15 meets, Vienna’s Lakevale Estates Dolphins lost to Fox Hunt, 267.5-152.5, in Division 8, and in Division 12, the Great Falls Rapids lost to Stratford, 219-180, and the Shouse Village Sharks of Vienna defeated Rolling Forest, 239-180.

For Great Falls, double race winners were Luka Beslic and Colton Maender. Single winners were Eli Bockman, Finn Pierson, Sutton Pierson, Holden Johnson, J.P. Kissinger, Pierre Kroely, Katelyn Rolfe, Will Sandstrom, Grant Strom, Lucas Bermuder and Scarlet Dastur.