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Editorial: Will commonwealth's attorney listen to electorate?

Write-in vote against Descano shows not all is happy in Fairfax

The legal system presumes everyone innocent until a verdict is rendered, of course, but our weekly crime report had – if it turns out to be all true – quite a doozie this week.

According to Fairfax police, a suspected thief ended up with nearly $39,000 in merchandise following an incident in the overnight hours of Nov. 21 centered on the Macy’s in Tysons.

The kicker, however, was that the 47-year-old Bealeton man, in addition to being hit with a raft of charges related to the Tysons incident, also was served with outstanding warrants from Fairfax, Prince William and Henrico counties, police said. He seems to get around.

This will be an interesting test of the office of just-re-elected Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano, who while being unopposed was somewhat embarrassed in that nearly a quarter of all votes cast in the race were write-ins against him. Guess not everybody is enamored of his far-left vision where the criminals are the victims, police are (too) often derided as the problem and victims are a mere afterthought – if they are thought of at all.

Descano was one of three prosecutors who swept into office in Fairfax, Arlington and Loudoun counties in 2019, fueled by enormous amounts of outside dollars that came from groups like the kind associated with activist billionaire George Soros.

One county to the west, in Loudoun, voters on Nov. 7 ended their experiment, rejecting Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj (D-Soros) for a Republican. And one county to the east, where Commonwealth’s Attorney Parisa Dehghani-Tafti (also D-Soros) has tried to tack at least a little closer to the center than either Descano or Biberaj, the write-in vote – which unlike in Fairfax was completely disorganized – totaled about 9 percent of the vote, three times what any other Arlington elected officials received.

If only Fairfax County had a functioning and viable Republican Party that could actually, you know, field candidates, the GOP might have had a chance at ousting Descano as Loudoun voters ousted Biberaj.

As for the crime incident noted at the beginning, we’re hoping justice will be served. But given the state of prosecuting in Fairfax County, we fear the suspect will get a participation trophy and an apology for being inconvenienced by law-enforcement interaction, then sent on his way to create more mayhem.