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Editorial: Is GOP going to cede Senate race to Tim Kaine?

GOP's candidate pickings seem to be slim after years on sidelines in Va.

The Virginia electorate’s view of Sen. Tim Kaine reminds one of that brutal takedown – that she’s “likable (enough)” – of Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama back when the two were battling it out for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Indeed, few voters swoon over Kaine; few can name major accomplishments he has had in office. But he’s always been likable (enough) and faced weak (enough) challengers to skate to victory after victory.

Will 2024 be the same? So far, the Republican field that is lining up for the privilege of taking Kaine on is not exactly setting the world on fire.

Few are even particularly known to the general public, which shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise given how limited the success of Republicans at the statewide level in Virginia has been in the past decade or so.

We’ll give it time, but as the new year starts, it certainly seems possible that the U.S. Senate race could be over before it begins.  That would be too bad for Virginia voters.