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Editorial: Commonwealth's attorney shows his true colors

Not getting grand jury decision he wanted, Descano simply empaneled another

Naw, this doesn’t sound Orwellian. Not at all.

Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano – George Soros’s man on the local scene – was none too happy when a grand jury of everyday county residents decided, in their collective wisdom, back in April that a Fairfax County police officer should not be indicted in connection with a shooting during a February incident in Tysons that left a shoplifting suspect dead.

As we predicted he would, Descano went grand-jury shopping – he empaneled a new one to give him the indictment he so craved. It was handed down Oct. 12.

Presumably, Descano could and would have done this a third time had this grand jury also opted not to return an indictment. And who knows how many after that?

Did this play out because prosecutors could not be present when investigating officers testified before the first grand jury, but could with the second, special grand jury? Or is Descano simply so vindictive that he decided to aggressively push and prod until he got a compliant grand jury to see it his way?

Whatever the case, it’s another black eye for a prosecutor who sadly seems too blinded by his overzealous political leanings to provide local residents equal justice under law.

You wanted him, Fairfax electorate? You got him.