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Vienna leaders set their priority to-do list for 2024

Four key areas will top efforts for coming year

As they did last year, the Vienna Town Council agreed Jan. 29 to set four top priorities as its goals for the year ahead.

Council members unanimously agreed that this year they will:

• Consider possible zoning-ordinance changes that were not included in the sweeping zoning-code update passed last year, and track developments that have transpired since adoption of the new code.

• Enact a tree ordinance to preserve more mature trees where new homes are being built in residential areas.

• Develop a parks master plan, decide on short- and long-term uses for the town’s annex property (the former Faith Baptist Church).

• Explore options to increase the variety of the town’s housing stock.

The Town Council, at member Ray Brill Jr.’s suggestion, last year began setting four key priorities on which to focus. Priorities for 2023 included developing a parks master plan (including the disposition of  the annex property), finishing the Code Create Vienna zoning-code rewrite, preserving the town’s tree canopy and revising the town’s noise ordinance.

In a change from last year’s priority setting, Council members agreed Jan. 29 to maintain the priority list at four by adding a new item once one has been checked off the to-do list.

Council member Charles Anderson said he originally had been skeptical of the four-priority regimen, but had come to appreciate its advantages and credited Brill for helping institute the concept. He also thanked Town Manager Mercury Payton for suggesting approximate time frames for accomplishing the goals, and complimented Council member Jessica Ramakis for summarizing this year’s goals succinctly.

“This is beginning to evolve in a very workable fashion,” Anderson said.