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Fairfax clerk of Circuit Court reports new scam going around

Residents, businesses being told to show up in court in May

Fairfax Circuit Court Clerk Chris Falcon on April 23 issued a warning about a scam e-mail being sent to area residents and businesses.

The e-mail claims to be from the “Florida County Circuit Court” and states that the recipient has been named  as a defendant in breach-of-contract case No. 2024-CD-0061987, with a requested appearance in Fairfax County Circuit Court on May 14. 

This e-mail is false and part of a “phishing” scam, Falcon said. The e-mail also indicates that the recipient should click on documents in an attachment.

Falcon advised those who receive the e-mail to delete it and not open its attachment. The Clerk’s Office has contacted the Fairfax County Police Department, Sheriff’s Office and Office of Public Affairs to inform them of this scam. 

Officials think the e-mail’s recipients have been chosen randomly and have no relationship to any pending cases in the Circuit Court.