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DMV making it easier for drivers to get motorcycle endorsements

Many are riding on two wheels without proper state authorization

RICHMOND – May is Motorcycle Safety Month, and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is making it even easier for experienced motorcyclists to get the proper endorsement on their driver’s license and brush up on their safety training. As part of a pilot program, DMV is now accepting the license and skills course completion certificate from the Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2) administered through the Virginia Rider Training Program.  

“We know that there are many experienced riders on the roads who don’t have their motorcycle endorsement. In fact one-in-four motorcyclists involved in a crash are riding without a motorcycle endorsement,” said DMV Commissioner Gerald Lackey, the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative. “It’s our hope that by accepting the BRC2 certificate of completion we can cut down on the number of unendorsed riders. But most importantly we believe that getting motorcyclists the training they need will reduce motorcycle crashes, saving lives.” 

Designed for those who are already familiar with motorcycle riding, the BRC2 program can be completed with a licensed training site in almost half the time as the Basic RiderCourse. The course is made up of a three-hour online training, paired with one eight-hour day of practical riding and safety training and evaluation at one of the many approved Virginia Rider Training Program locations.  

By passing the BRC2 program you will not need to take the knowledge and skills tests at DMV, as all necessary evaluation will happen as part of the program. Bring in your certificate of completion and you will just need to pass the vision screening when you visit a DMV customer service center to apply for your motorcycle endorsement. 

In Virginia, riding a motorcycle without the proper license could result in penalties that may include fines and potential jail time. The BRC2 is not just an easy way to make sure you are riding legally, but it is also an excellent way for experienced riders to brush up on their skills. Think you’ve been riding long enough to not need training? That’s one of the dangerous motorcycle myths we recently addressed here. The fact is, 76% of riders involved in motorcycle crashes had not completed a training course. Even the best motorcyclists can use a safety refresher. 

Visit our website to learn more about the Virginia Rider Training Program and find a Basic RiderCourse 2 near you. Find out how to get your motorcycle endorsement here