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Bill would give Va. towns share of the pie on bag tax

Fairfax County localities Vienna, Herndon and Clifton potentially could benefit

Town governments across Virginia would receive a new source of cash flow if legislation cutting them in on plastic-bag revenue makes it through the General Assembly.

Freshman Del. Marty Martinez (D-Leesburg) has patroned legislation giving towns located within counties that have adopted a tax on single-use plastic bags a share of the proceeds.

Fairfax County has three towns – Vienna, Herndon and Clifton – that would benefit if the measure became law.

As is the case with counties and cities, towns would be required to use funding for recycling and litter-prevention efforts as enunciated in the Code of Virginia.

The General Assembly in 2020 gave cities and counties the power to impose 5-cents-per-bag taxes on single-use bags starting in 2021. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors enacted the necessary ordinance with the tax going into effect Jan. 1, 2022.

Martinez spent 20 years on the Leesburg Town Council before being elected to the General Assembly in November.