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Future of Arlington School Board pay, benefits to be discussed

Aug. 30 committee meeting will get the ball rolling

Arlington School Board members are starting the process of considering potential changes to their compensation and benefits.

Staff are “beginning the revision process,” according to an Aug. 18 memo from Superintendent Francisco Durán to School Board members. The matter will be discussed at the Aug. 30 meeting of the School Board’s policy subcommittee (comprised of board members Bethany Sutton and David Priddy with support from staff).

The existing policy last was revised in 2019. School Board members, while elected officials in part-time posts, are eligible for the same benefits as full-time school-system employees, including health and dental insurance and participation in the retirement plan. They also are covered by taxpayer-funded liability insurance while discharging their official duties.

As for salaries? Arlington School Board members can only approve increases for themselves in years when two of the five board seats are on the ballot, which next would be in 2024.

County Board members, who are under the same restriction under state law, approved major future pay hikes for themselves and their successors this year, since two of their five seats are on the ballot.