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Donations down at food pantry, which asks for community boost

Arlington Food Assistance Center has seen big drop-off in donations since holidays

It happens at the start of every new year – contributions to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) drop off compared to the end of the preceding year.

“Food donations after the [2023] holiday season dropped by 43.74 percent,” the organization said in a recent note to supporters.

That’s a challenge for the social-safety-net agency, as 40 percent of the 80,000 pounds of food that is distributed to those in need each week is donated from food drives and grocery-store donations.

As a result, the call has gone out for support.

“Items like low-sodium soups, vegetables and proteins (tuna, salmon, chicken, beans) will keep our families eating warm and heart-healthy meals throughout the winter months,” AFAC officials said.

For information on ways to support the organization, see the Website at