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Arlington Year in Review: August 2023

Our retrospective on the news of the year


• Planned redevelopment of the YMCA property in Virginia Square has angered tennis advocates, who feel they are being squeezed out.

• The county school system is ramping up for several years of boundary-adjustment processes.

• The head of the Arlington Food Assistance Center says current inflation is causing more challenges for those in need than did COVID.

• After 20 years of uncertainty, it appears the plan finally is in place to allow Habitat for Humanity to renovate the former Reevesland farmhouse in Boulevard Manor and turn it into a group home.

• Plans to reopen the historic Green Valley Pharmacy building as a restaurant seem to be moving forward.

• The Arlington Outdoor Lab, located in Fauquier County, rebounded from COVID and welcomed more than 9,500 Arlington schoolchildren during the 2022-23 school year.

• While just about every other organization in the region is talking about downsizing its office-space footprint, Arlington’s superintendent pushed through a plan to expand the school system’s headquarters.

• An advocacy group has ripped the county government’s plan for Langston Boulevard, suggesting it is a giveaway to developers at the expense of residents.

• Arlington school leaders say they are ahead of the curve in recruiting new teachers for the coming school year.

• Despite ongoing pressure from Republicans, there will be no reduction in the number of Arlington voting dropboxes for the November election.

• Parents have begun mobilizing against a proposal to shift middle-school students to different schools.

• County Board members have signed up to participate in the statewide effort celebrating the nation’s 250th birthday, and have designated the Arlington Historical Society to lead local efforts.

• Some are supportive, others not, as Arlington school officials seek to align the school calendar with those of neighboring jurisdictions.

• It took some elbow grease at the treasurer’s office, but Arlington’s tax-delinquency rate again has hit a new low.

• Local bicycle advocates are suggesting that their views aren’t being taken into consideration when it comes to county planning.