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McLean AAUW lauds students' STEM success

Branch members also present honor for student-inclusion efforts
Attendees at the Sept. 17 AAUW McLean area branch awards program included, from left to right: Judy Page, AAUW McLean area branch STEM chair; students Audrey Herlands, Sophia Bruno, Jocelyn Reyes and Nicoleta Hoffman; Myrtle Hendricks-Corrales, AAUW liaison to McLean High School; Scarlett Adams; Nina McVeigh, AAUW liaison to Langley High School; and student Lilly Wu.

Seven local high-school students were recognized by the McLean area branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) during a Sept. 7 recognition ceremony at the McLean Community Center.

Six of the students received 2023 AAUW McLean Area Branch STEM Achievement Awards: Nicoleta Hoffman (math) and Audrey Herlands (computer science) from McLean High School; Sophia Bruno (math), Scarlett Adams (science) and Lilly Wu (computer science) from Langley High School; and Jocelyn Reyes (math) from Park View High School.

The students spoke about their interest in STEM [science, technology, engineering and math], their involvement in STEM-related extracurriculars and their plans for future studies at the college level.

Four additional recipients of the award who were not in attendance are Kaitlyn Cole (science) of McLean High School; Lillian Thomas (science) of Park View High School; Leslie Escobar (math) and Ashley Coats (science) at Robey High School.

Additionally, McLean High School senior Lauren Vandivier was presented with the AAUW McLean Area Branch Student Inclusion Recognition Award for her efforts to make her school environment welcoming to students of all backgrounds, heritages and abilities. Vandiver created programs to benefit female sanitary needs, ESOL students, parents whose first language is not English, and students who have life-threatening food allergies.

For the past decade, the McLean area branch has partnered with counselors at local high schools to award STEM Achievement Awards to female students finishing their junior or senior year. Each award, which is funded through the branch’s fundraising, consists of a certificate and a monetary award.

Career-center counselors at the schools manage the process of selecting the students. The members of the McLean area branch STEM awards committee that manages the high school STEM Science Achievement Awards are Myrtle Hendricks- Corrales, Nina McVeigh and STEM chair Judy Page.

For more information on the McLean area branch, see the Website at http://mclean-va.aauw.net