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Update: Field to be named for longtime parks staffer

County Board to honor Alfred Forman Sr. (1947-2014) with upcoming vote

[Update 7/18/23: County Board members approved the renaming at their July 15, 2023, meeting]

An Arlington native who spent a quarter-century working for the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation will be honored by having a local sports field named in his memory.

County Board members on July 15 are expected to rename the athletic field at Halls Hill/High View Park as the “Alfred Forman Sr. Field.”

Forman (1947-2014) was born in Arlington and spent much of his adult life working for the county parks department, largely at Langston-Brown Community Center. He was a resident of the Halls Hill/High View Park community.

The naming request was made by local residents and has support of the John M. Langston Citizens Association. The Park and Recreation Commission and the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board supported the proposal; the Arlington Neighborhood Advisory Commission did not have a quorum at its most recent meeting and could not vote on it.