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Arlington resident sets three youth fish-catching records

Carp, crappie, snakehead were his three catches

This is a big-fish story, and it’s real.

In recent weeks, Arlington resident Kasper Parfomak, age 14, set three records for catching the largest fish in his youth angler category in the D.C.’s Recreational Angling Records Program. And he has certificates as proof of his prizes.

The three different species of fish were all caught in D.C. waters.

First, Parfomak caught a record-size black crappie (1.15 lbs) in the Anacostia River, then snared a northern snakehead (8.0 lbs), and lastly hooked a common carp (13.6 lbs), both of those in the Tidal Basin. The catches came about two weeks apart.

It took Parfomak 30 minutes to reel in the snakehead, 45 minutes to secure the carp, with the crappie taking just 10 minutes.

“There is a lot of adrenaline going when landing big fish like that,” Parfomak said. “I love that.”

Parfomak’s entire family fishes. Previously, his older brother, Johnny, set the D.C. youth record for catching the largest channel catfish (in the Tidal Basin) a few years back.

Kasper Parfomak has been fishing since age 3 and says he is angling to do so the rest of his life. He said he probably fishes some 80 days a year, or most every weekend, even in the winter, rain or shine. In winter months, Parfomak will break through ice if need be on the surface of creek or rivers to fish.

“I’ll walk up a creek bed a long way to find the best spots,” Parfomak said.

He has fished in multiple states – the  ocean and the Chesapeake Bay – catching various species and has fished out of a kayak.

“Kasper will fish for anything, anywhere,” said his father, Paul Parfomak.

Added Kasper: “I’m going to fish for the rest of my life. I’m so hooked on it. I might even turn pro at some point.”

He might explore fishing with a college program of some kind.

In the meanwhile, Parfomak’s goal is to set additional records for the largest catches in his age group by pulling in other species in the D.C. waters, including the Potomac River, before reaching the adult category at age 16.

When not fishing, Parfomak is a standout year-round water-polo player and swimmer. He’s currently a member of the water-polo team at Gonzaga College High School as a freshman

This summer he was a top swimmer for the undefeated and top Red Division champion Arlington Knights of Columbus Holy Mackerels team of the Colonial Swimming League. The freestyler and butterflier won all but two of his races and qualified for the league’s individual all-star meet.

Johnny Parfomak also swam for the Holy Mackerels this summer.