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Letter: Sen. Kaine has many accomplishments under his belt

'He puts his head down and works with anyone across party lines to get things done for our commonwealth.'

To the editor: A recent editorial from the GazetteLeader said that “few can name major accomplishments” that U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine has had in office.

These critics haven’t stopped Northern Virginians like me from seeing the results of Sen. Kaine’s hard work, from a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure, to the Inflation Reduction Act, to successfully passing legislation to require back pay to federal workers after government shutdowns so government workers who go without a paycheck can receive back pay as soon as possible.

The Inflation Reduction Act alone is projected to create 9 million good-paying jobs – all thanks to Sen. Kaine casting the deciding vote in favor of this landmark legislation.

As governor, Kaine made sure the Silver Line was planned, financed, under contract and under construction. Thanks to his tireless efforts, the Silver Line extension to Dulles is now complete – providing rail service to our international gateway, access to more jobs and economic opportunities, and easing traffic congestion. That sounds like a major accomplishment to me and many other Northern Virginians.

Another major accomplishment from Sen. Kaine is the bipartisan infrastructure law, which is going to relieve something every Northern Virginians cares about – congestion. Last month, Sen. Kaine announced that funding from this historic legislation he helped pass will finalize the upgrade and expansion of the Long Bridge connecting the District of Columbia to Virginia over the Potomac River, helping to relieve the most significant rail choke point on the East Coast. The project will support nearly 18,000 jobs and contribute over $1 billion annually to the national economy.

Sen. Kaine was the deciding vote to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which is lowering health-care costs for Virginia families. Because of the legislation, drug manufacturers have capped the cost of insulin at $35 a month, making a life-saving prescription more affordable for people living with diabetes.

The Inflation Reduction Act is supercharging the commonwealth’s clean-energy sector, which will create good-paying jobs, combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions.

In the Senate, Kaine has fought and delivered much-needed federal funding to Northern Virginia. In last year’s government-funding bill, Kaine delivered $4 million to help develop and construct the North Woodbridge Pedestrian Bridge in Prince William County. He also secured another $2.2 million to expand the nursing program at Northern Virginia Community College, helping usher more skilled and diverse nurses into the workforce every year.

Dating back to his service as governor, Kaine has diligently worked to keep Northern Virginia safe. During his time in the U.S. Senate, Kaine has delivered over $40 million in Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Grants to the commonwealth. Beneficiaries in Northern Virginia include the Arlington County Police Department and the city of Manassas, among others.

Kaine is also prioritizing our children’s safety. He passed landmark legislation to raise the federal minimum age for tobacco-product sale from 18 to 21, which prevents teen smoking and will save hundreds of thousands of lives.

From delivering a once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment to lowering health-care costs for essential medicines like insulin, Sen. Kaine is working hard to deliver results for Northern Virginia. He puts his head down and works with anyone across party lines to get things done for our commonwealth.

It’s time we give him credit for his tireless efforts to improve Northern Virginia.

Matt Royer, Herndon