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Letter: Contender Cunningham has skill set needed for post

Her common-sense approach will focus on consensus, not division

To the editor: We strongly support Susan Cunningham for Arlington County Board in the upcoming Democratic primary.

This is an important election for Arlington. There are deep divisions over affordable housing, budget issues from commercial-property vacancies, environmental concerns related to tree loss, infrastructure inadequacies exposed by stormwater damage, and issues in county schools stemming from pandemic’s impact and escalating substance abuse.

The Arlington County Civic Federation recently adopted a resolution calling on the County Board to be more open to residents’ concerns and to hold themselves and staff more accountable for their responses, while recent events, especially the contentious (and unresolved) debate over Missing Middle, demonstrate a need for a more thoughtful, consensus-driven approach to county governance.

Cunningham trained as an engineer and has worked on environmental sustainability, including adapting a building for public purpose re-use. After executive roles in the federal government  and private sector, she acted as interim CEO for AHC Inc. and is currently 2serving as interim executive director of Arlington Thrive, both non-profits supporting the Arlington community. She led a building planning committee for Dorothy Hamm Middle School, and her family includes two children in Arlington Public Schools.

Along with these strengths, Cunningham will bring a common-sense approach to the County Board, emphasizing consensus rather than division. She understands the need for thorough planning for growth, and is strongly committed to responsible environmental stewardship. She believes  the welfare of our youth and their connection to the community must be a top priority, and she understands that a strong, vibrant Arlington requires thoughtful, responsive leadership with respect for and response to all residents’ viewpoints.

Kathleen and James Rubinger, Arlington