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Editorial: Huzzah for checks and balances in state government

A Republican governor and Democratic legislature is not the worst option for Virginians

We love it when a plan comes together, and the plan of Virginia’s electorate in recent years – install a Republican governor to serve as a backstop to far-left overreach by Democrats while also preventing a Republican legisislative majority that would have made those in the far right of the GOP the overreachers – seems to be working out just fine.

Gov. Youngkin vetoed a whole lot of bills this session, and the two parties are having to work together to get a budget done. This is not a bad thing, nor is it “gridlock.” It’s the two-party political process playing itself out, based on how voters decided in the last few elections.

What they decide in the next few elections may alter that trajectory, but for now, we’ll take what we’ve got. It sure beats an unfettered political dash to the far left or far right.