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Editorial: Arlington School Board members still not dressing part

And they wonder why they're not always taken seriously

As if such a thing were even possible, the two male Arlington School Board members (David Priddy and Reid Goldstein) and Superintendent Francisco Durán have, of late, been dressing in even more schlubby attire while at board meetings.

So schlubby, they are quickly moving toward slovenly territory.

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, how many times do we have to say it: You pay neither yourself, nor your fellow board members, nor your constituents, any respect by presenting yourselves in such untidy condition.

Now, we’re pretty sure those who run for school boards are not always self-aware enough to “get” clued in to the concept of cause-and-effect, but we do know that Arlington School Board members often wonder to themselves why they typically receive so little respect from the public.

Maybe dressing with some seriousness of purpose would help. It certainly couldn’t hurt.