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Republicans set dates for Arlington, 8th District gatherings

County committee to gather March 25 for reorganization; district convention set for April 11

The Arlington County Republican Committee has set a tentative date of March 25 for its annual organizational meeting, and is gearing up for the 8th District Republican Committee Convention on April 11.

At the March 25 meeting, the Arlington GOP will elect a chair for a two-year term. Incumbent Matthew Hurtt, who has been interim chair for the past 14 months, is seeking a full term and has not picked up any opposition.

At the 8th District convention, Republicans will elect a chair; three members of the Republican Party of Virginia’s State Central Committee; and one presidential elector who will cast a vote if the Republican nominee for president wins the popular vote in Virginia. (Feb. 17 is the filing deadline for aspirants seeking any of those posts.)

No location has yet been set for the March 25 meeting. The April 11 meeting will be held at the Knights of Columbus in Alexandria; for information, see the Website at