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Economic trio: New Zealand, Portugal and . . . Northern Virginia?

Region's economic output as large as some major countries, report suggests

Were Northern Virginia its own independent country – and let’s not give regional leaders any ideas – it would have the world’s 48th largest economy.

That’s according to new figures from the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, which calculates the total annual gross domestic product of the counties and  cities comprising Northern Virginia at $276 billion.

That would rank Northern Virginia just below the Czech Republic and Finland and just above Iraq, Portugal and New Zealand in terms of economic output, according to a country-by-country ranking at

Fairfax County accounts for the largest chunk of Northern Virginia’s GDP, at $134 billion.

According to the Northern Virginia Regional Commission data, Northern Virginia represents 29 percent of the commonwealth’s total population but nearly 42 percent of economic output. Since 2010, Northern Virginia has accounted for 45 percent of the commonwealth’s population growth.

For details on the Northern Virginia Regional Commission data, see the Website at