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New partnership connects Marymount, Virginia Tech on STEM

Students will now be able to flow from Marymount undergrads to Tech graduate students in computer science, engineering

A new agreement cements accelerated course pathways for Marymount University students interested in pursuing computer-science or engineering coursework at Virginia Tech.

The two institutions of higher education on April 15 inked a five-year “Direct to Tech” partnership, allowing Marymount students who follow the recommended course outline to receive both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years while streamlining the route to a graduate degree.

“It provides an excellent opportunity for our undergraduate students to transfer into a high-quality master’s program at Virginia Tech without the usual stress of the admissions and acceptance process,” said Diane Murphy, director of technology and innovation at Marymount.

The initiative also is likely to help Virginia Tech as it ramps up its high-tech offerings in Northern Virginia.

“We’re excited for what is to come and building a strong pipeline for Marymount students to come to Virginia Tech,” added Patty Cardenas, director of admissions for Virginia Tech’s Innovation Campus in Alexandria.

The agreement is one of several Marymount has signed in recent years with other institutions, from community-college to university level.

“In the current state of higher education, collaboration among universities has become more important than ever,” said Hesham El-Rewini, Marymount’s executive vice president and provost. “Collaboration is one of our main pillars, and we will continue to seek more opportunities.”