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Marymount’s ‘Portfolio in Motion’ wows with fashion creations

'Millennium: The Chrome Age' was theme of 2023 extravaganza
Isabella Dougherty and Lauren Quiroz model outfits by designer Samantha Espinoza Quino on April 20, 2023, at Marymount University's annual "Portfolio in Motion" fashion show.

From a curve-hugging bodysuit with one leg missing all the way up to the hips to a dress with a veil held up by four balloons, student designers in Marymount University’s fashion programs impressed the audience April 20 at the first of three “Portfolio in Motion” shows last week.

Held at Marymount’s Rose Benté Lee Center, this year’s show was led by executive director Grace Healey and featured models parading across black carpeting at the same level as spectators, as opposed to the usual raised runway. This year’s theme was “Millennium: The Chrome Age” and a computerized voice introduced each segment.

University officials honored Kim Schalk as the show’s 34th designer of the year. In a statement included in the show’s program, Schalk said she uses contrasting materials to convey duality.

“I am inspired by nature, by math, and vintage garments (thank you suffragettes and Dior),” her statement read. “But my true voice is that of a tomboy who liked to play with bugs.”

Designer Ernesto Santalla received this year’s Portfolio in Motion Award and the Sister Gabrielle Berg Memorial Award went to Grace Healey and Tabata Aramayo.

Marymount officials bestowed the Best of 2023: Award for Line Coordination to MariaJose Pineda and Zaina Elshaer, gave the Best of 2023: Award for Creativity to Erica Fenwick and the Stand-out Performance in Merchandising Award to Isabella Dougherty.

Officials also gave the Namsbe Foundation Arthur H. Taylor Award for Excellence in Menswear to Yotwarit “Best” Kornwoodtikun and a Service Leadership Award to Lydia Langford.