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Feds: Total employment in Arlington on the rise

Year-over-year increase was slightly below that of national average

Total employment within Arlington was up 2.4 percent year-over-year to close out 2022, according to new federal data, roughly on par with the national average.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics on May 25 reported fourth-quarter employment data showing Arlington had 176,700 employed within its 26-square-mile confines. (Unlike monthly unemployment data, which is based on where people live, this quarterly report is based on where one works, no matter the place of residence.)

Year-over-year employment increased in 325 of the 355 largest U.S. counties nationally, according to federal data and based on December figures. Nationally, the employment rate of 152.3 million was up 2.6 percent from a year before.

Midland, Texas, had the largest over-the-year increase in employment, with a gain of 7.9 percent. Elkhart and Hendricks, both in Indiana, experienced the largest over-the-year percentage decrease in employment, each with a loss of 1.7 percent.

Among Virginia localities, which include independent cities as well as counties, jobs totals for the fourth quarter were 627,900 in Fairfax County, up 1.6 percent; 189,100 in Henrico County, up 0.3 percent; 183,900 in Loudoun County, up 3.3 percent; 174,200 in Virginia Beach, up 0.7 percent; 157,200 in Richmond, up 3.4 percent; 139,500 in Norfolk, up 1.7 percent; 135,100 in Prince William County, up 1.8 percent; 103,300 in Chesapeake, down 0.3 percent; 101,400 in Newport News, up 0.4 percent; and 82,900 in Alexandria, up 0.7 percent.