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Arlington sees an uptick in year-over-year jobs total

There were 2.1% more positions in county to end 2023 than to end the preceding year

Total employment in Arlington County ended 2023 up from a year before, while employment across Fairfax County was generally flat, according to new data.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) on May 22 reported a total of 181,100 employed in Arlington during the third quarter of 2023, up 2.1 percent from a year before. In Fairfax County, the employment total of 632,600 was up 0.2 percent.

Of the nation’s 360 counties (a total that in Virginia also includes cities) with a labor force of at least 75,000, Arlington ranked 96th overall in its growth, while Fairfax ranked 298.

Unlike the state government’s monthly unemployment figures, which calculate totals based on where an individual lives, the quarterly BLS data looks at where an individual works, regardless of residence.

From December 2022 to December 2023, employment increased in 318 of the 360 counties as the national employment figure rose to 154.8 million, up 1.5 percent.

Hays, Texas, had the largest over-the-year increase in employment, with a gain of 5 percent.

Eight of the nation’s 10 largest counties had over-the-year percentage increases in employment. Miami-Dade County, Fla., led the pack at 2.8 percent, fueled by a rebound in the leisure/hospitality sector.

Among other Virginia localities on the list, Loudoun County checked in with 192,500 jobs, up 3.2 percent from a year before; Henrico County recorded 187,600 jobs, up 1.5 percent; Virginia Beach posted 177,400 jobs, up 1 percent; Richmond tallied 162,000 jobs, up 1.6 percent; Chesterfield County saw 147,000 jobs, up 3.4 percent; Norfolk recorded 142,100 jobs, up 0.4 percent; Prince William County had 141,400 jobs, up 2.9 percent; Chesapeake scored 106,200 jobs, up 1.7 percent; Newport News reported 102,400 jobs, up 0.8 percent; and Alexandria came in with 81,000 jobs, essentially unchanged from a year before.

Chesterfield’s growth rate of 3.4 percent was best in Virginia and 16th best nationally.