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Arlington school leaders to exorcise vending machines forever

Although gone from schools for nearly a decade, policy still needs to be updated

It is “gone but not forgotten” or “forgotten but not gone”?

How about this: “Not entirely gone, not entirely forgotten, but soon could be both.”

Arlington School Board members on Sept. 21 are expected to formally rescind the school system’s policy governing vending machines in schools. The reason? Schools haven’t had vending machines in them since 2014, when they were phased out.

Technically, county schools haven’t had operating vending machines since 2014. A number of machines remain in schools but are not in use.

“There are a handful,” said David Priddy, asking staff whether they could simply be removed altogether.

“Bring in a dolly and get rid of ‘em,” chuckled School Board Chairman Cristina Diaz-Torres, who seemed to have caught a case of the giggles over the entire issue.